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Equine Castration Vet - Mobile And In-Clinic Services

We specialise in equine castration both in-clinic and at your premises. Castration is a very common procedure during which both testicles as well as all associated structures are surgically removed.

Castration enables a horse to behave better while eliminating the possibility of any unwanted foals. It must be noted that if a horse is of advanced years or has been used for breeding purposes, stallion-like behaviour may not be abolished.

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equine castration

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Horse Castration Veterinary Clinic

Although horse castration is a commonplace procedure, it still needs to be carried out by a qualified professional veterinary surgeon. It’s also crucial to have excellent facilities to ensure an animal is well looked after throughout their treatment and aftercare.

Our team is always here to help you throughout the procedure. We will talk you through every step of the process answering any questions as well as addressing all concerns. We look forward to beginning your horse’s new journey with you.

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Horse Castration

It’s common to castrate a horse so it becomes easier to manage. An uncastrated horse can be difficult or even impossible to run in company, particularly as it gets older. It can even become a danger.

Additionally, there is also the risk of unwanted pregnancy either at a time when breeding is not being considered or by an undesirable sire. For these reasons we provide reliable horse castration services to our clients.