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Equine Dental Vets - Mobile And In-Clinic Services

Oldbury Equine Clinic are horse dental specialists among our many other specialities. Our fully trained clinicians are on hand to provide all your horse dentist needs. Equine dentistry requires an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, pathology and development.

Because of this, only a trained dental technician or veterinarian should ever provide care to your horse. Our team at Oldbury Equine Clinic are suitably qualified and happy to help.

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equine dental clinic perth

Horse Dental Clinic - Experienced Veterinary Surgeons

An equine dentist works professionally in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all diseases and disorders that affect the teeth, mouth and adjacent structures.

Our equine dental vets use both hand-powered and motorised tools to provide preventative dental care and maintenance to horses of all ages. We have many glowing reviews from our satisfied horse dental vet clients. We look forward to being of service to you!

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Horse Dental Specialists - Dental Examinations Horses

Just like us humans, horses don’t do well when their teeth aren’t healthy. So, it’s paramount for regular dental check-ups, preventative treatment and maintenance. Our team has the knowledge, experience and skills necessary to maintain the health of your horse’s mouth. We carry out a wide variety of treatments and procedures in-house while utilising external specialists for extractions.

Let’s work together to create a healthier, happier and longer outlook for your horse.

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