Pre-Purchase Exams

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Pre-Purchase Horse Inspection - Thorough Health and Movement Evaluations Prior to Purchase

Whether you are considering buying a horse or a pony from a family pet to an elite animal, a pre-purchase examination is crucial. These vital evaluations assess whether a horse is suitable for its intended use.

What this also means for the client is that as professionally qualified veterinarians, we are acting solely on their behalf so they can buy or refrain from buying with complete confidence.

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Get Peace-Of-Mind With Prepurchase Horse Examinations

Our prepurchase horse examinations provide you with peace-of-mind when you’re considering buying a horse or pony. We always recommend a full five-stage examination, which is a thorough method of examination and assessment used by clinicians world wide.  This encompasses;

1. Preliminary comprehensive head to toe clinical examination of the horse at rest

2. Walk and trot in hand

3. Exercise phase

4. Period of rest and re-examination

5.Second trot up

This examination may be conducted hand in hand with xrays/ultrasound/use of the lameness locator and blood tests if required. 

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Ensure The Horse Is Suitable For Your Needs With A Pre-Purchase Examination

The five full stages to the pre-purchase horse inspection are carried out to ensure a horse is suitable for your particular needs. It is used to identify abnormalities, clinical issues, behavioural problems and lameness. The purpose of the examination is not to “pass or fail” the horse but more deem if this is the correct companion for yourself or your child depending on your aspirations and the abilities of yourself and that horse. 

You will be guaranteed a comprehensive, highly experienced, honest evaluation at the end of the examination. 

We encourage all horses to be assessed at our purpose made clinic unless the seller has exceptional on site facilities including level hard and soft trot up areas. 

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