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Equine Pathology Services

Our team has developed a full suite of equine pathology laboratory services to support you to manage your horse. These include Faecal Egg Count (FEC), blood analysis (often with same-day results), foal IgG and the Succeed faecal blood test.

We also work alongside a number of external laboratories to provide a full complement of diagnostic tests. We consistently strive until we get to the root of your horse’s issues so treatment can begin as soon as possible.

equine pathology services

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Horse Pathology Services At Oldbury Equine Clinic

We have a robust suite of horse pathology services at Oldbury Equine Clinic. Our team believes in rapid testing to provide the correct diagnosis, treatment and management for all conditions that may affect your animal.

We also understand that having an unwell horse is highly stressful. We’ve been there too. With this in mind, we genuinely want to help as we care about your horse’s health as well as your peace of mind.

perth equine pathology clinic

In-house Diagnostic Testing

In-house horse pathology diagnostic testing is available so the results will be available quickly. We believe in working in tandem with our clients to provide them with timely investigations, testing, diagnosis, treatment and management of their animals. So, we can get you on track with tailored deworming schedules, blood analysis and more.

We also pay special attention to foals to ensure they have received enough colostrum at birth. If not, we can then take corrective measures to ensure their survival.

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