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Internal Medicine For Horses

Equine internal medicine is a term that’s used for both the treatment and investigation of all diseases that present in the internal systems of a horse. When we say ‘internal system’ we mean the liver, heart, brain, airways, circulatory system and so on.

Our veterinarians are highly qualified and experienced in the equine field, so you are assured the most impeccable standards of diagnosis, care and treatment.

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equine internal medicine

equine internal medicine perth

Equine Internal Medicine - Specialised Treatment For Horses

Our team of professional veterinarians have many years experience in the field of equine medicine. We excel in providing an accurate rapid diagnosis via thorough evaluation of your horse.

We will talk you through everything as we go so you are always kept informed throughout every stage of the health journey of your horse. In addition, our hospital provides comprehensive intensive care facilities for critical patients.

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Diagnosis and Treatment For Horses - First Class Horse Care

When your horse is unwell or is just not acting like its usual self, our veterinary team at Oldbury Equine Clinic is on-hand to provide first class diagnosis and treatment. Our experienced veterinarians are completely focussed on ensuring that your horse receives the best treatment and outcome possible.

Our hospital provides excellent intensive care facilities with round-the-clock monitoring. So, you can be assured of personalised treatment and solutions.

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