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Specialised Equine Podiatry - Dedicated Farriers To Care For All Your Horses’ Hoof Problems

We provide specialised equine podiatry services from dedicated farriers who will care for all your horses’ hoof problems. We are fully dedicated to giving excellent hoof care for both the prevention and treatment of injury and/or underlying injury.

With this in mind, a thorough hoof evaluation is a crucial aspect of equine care. Just get in touch with our team who will help you make your appointment.

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Dental Treatment For Horses

Our equine dental vets are fully conversant in all contemporary dental techniques. If you are looking for dental treatment for horses, we are more than able to meet and exceed your requirements. We offer both power and hand floating for sharp enamel points and so much more.

You see it takes a great deal of knowledge of pathology, anatomy and development to take care of equine teeth. Dental treatment should only ever be carried out by a trained dental technician or veterinarian.

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Specialised Horse Ophthalmology Services - Eye Injuries And Ocular Diseases

Our vets specialise in horse ophthalmology services for eye injuries and ocular diseases. Eye infections and injuries can be rather commonplace in horses. Thankfully, these are often not serious, however, it’s still crucial to have all eye injuries examined to prevent further problems occurring. 

We routinely see issues such as foreign bodies, traumatic injury, ulcers, conjunctivitis and more. When you’re looking for a horse eye vet who is highly trained in equine ophthalmology, look no further than Oldbury Equine Clinic.

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