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Equine Gastroscopy

Horse gastric ulcers are a well-documented ailment that leads to a lack of performance in equine athletes in particular. Having said that, problems with gastric ulcers tend to affect all manner of horses. Signs that there could be a gastric issue with your horse include under-performing, poor appetite, poor coat condition and behavioural changes.

However, these symptoms could be signs of another health condition which is why it’s crucial to obtain a diagnosis from a professionally qualified veterinarian.

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Does Your Horse Have Gastric Ulcers?

If you are worried that your animal has gastric ulcers, it’s crucial that you seek a diagnosis as soon as you possibly can. Our approachable veterinarians are very experienced in the field of equine gastroscopy.

We will complete a thorough investigation of the lining of your horse’s stomach using this diagnostic method. We can then understand whether ulcers are present and if so, which type. After diagnosis we will be able to offer the best treatment plan for your horse. 

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Diagnose Horse Gastric Ulcers

Our team of highly experienced, approachable veterinarians is fully qualified to diagnose gastric ulcers. Horse owners throughout the local area rely on our full complement of services to ensure their equine friends are as healthy and as happy as possible.

After the gastroscopy has been carried out, a tailored treatment plan will be devised taking the type, location and severity of the ulceration found into consideration.

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