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Emergency Horse Vet – Immediate Medical And Surgical Treatments

Our vets are here for you should you ever have an equine emergency. We understand how much your horse means to you, so we are here for you as and when you need us. Our catchment area is within a 30km radius of our clinic to ensure fast response times.

We provide comprehensive high level equine veterinary services that are reliable. Additionally, whether you have an international event horse or a well-loved family pony, you can be assured of impeccable standards of service.

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immediate horse vet perth

Is Your Horse Suffering From Equine Colic?

Colic in horses is a term that describes abdominal pain. Equine colic is mostly caused by gastrointestinal tract issues. Unfortunately, there are many different intestinal problems that can cause horse colic, some are mild, yet others are severe and can even be life-threatening.

Although diagnosing the cause of colic can present challenges, our veterinary team is experienced in the field. You can trust us to find the cause of your horse’s colic then to treat it without delay. 

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Know The Symptoms Of Horse Choke

Although choke can look worrying when you first see it, the main thing to do is not to panic. Choke can occur if a chunk of apple or unchewed feed becomes stuck in the oesophagus. What happens is that sometimes the muscles spasm causing the food to be ‘clamped’ in place. The horse may then gag, cough and produce large amounts of nasal discharge and drool. He may also seem confused, alarmed and stop eating suddenly. He also may sweat, begin pawing or just generally act very differently to ‘normal’.

Thankfully, horse choke will not stop your horse from breathing, usually subsiding on its own within minutes. However, if it doesn’t or you’re worried in any way, phone our team immediately.

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