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Equine Lameness Perth Mobile And In-Clinic Services

We provide extensive mobile and in-clinic services to treat equine lameness. Lameness is the term that is used to describe restriction in the usual movement range or pain that severely affects a horse’s gait.

As veterinarians, we investigate to pinpoint whether the restriction or pain is originating in the leg, hoof or somewhere else in the body of your horse. Lameness is one of the most common issues we see in horses, so we have significant experience of diagnosing and treating the condition.

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Horse Lameness - Experienced Veterinary Surgeons

The cause of horse lameness can take time to diagnose because there can be many underlying issues behind it. To understand what’s wrong with your animal, our experienced veterinary surgeons will carry out a thorough initial examination that may include flexion tests, nerve and joint blocks and assessment with a lameness locator. This will aid us to determine the location and consequently the source of the lameness.

We have a purpose built bitumen trot up track, large hard and soft surfaced lunging areas and a 70m x 30m purpose built riding arena for lameness assessment both in hand and under saddle.

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Lame Horse Investigation

Oldbury Equine Clinic veterinarians are your local poor performance and lameness diagnosis clinicians. With the aid of our advanced diagnostic tools which include an Equinosis lameness locator, digital x-ray, metron xray advanced measuring software and a variety of ultrasound units you can be assured your horse is receiving the best diagnostics and clinicians to identify your horse performance issue. 

When this has been established, we will work with you to create a fully tailored treatment plan that may include joint medication, surgery, physiotherapy, regenerative therapy and complementary procedures.

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